Membership Matters

The Richmond Dental Society and the Virginia Dental Association have put together a comprehensive selection of membership benefits and services to aid its members in their practices.

The RDS Central Office
Linda G. Simon, Executive Director
(804) 323-5191
Please take a minute to review the many benefits available to you through membership in the RDS/VDA and ADA. If you have any questions about our services, please contact the RDS Office.

The VDA Central Office
The Executive Director and staff are available to provide information on a wide variety of topics including OSHA and CDC requirements, waste disposal, X-ray equipment inspection and registration, legislative activities, and Board of Dentistry hearings. An in-state toll-free (1-800-552-3886) number allows easier access to the office by VDA member dentists.

Legislative Strength
Maintaining active contacts with legislators through the central office, our lobbyist and liaison dentists effectively strengthen the voice of organized dentistry in Virginia. VDA members can go online to receive updates and bulletins regarding legislative actions during the legislative session at the Legislative Information area.

Statewide Continuing Education
The Virginia Dental Association is an ADA CERP Recognized Provider of continuing education courses. The VDA Annual Meeting offers a variety of scientific and practice management programs, as well as technical exhibits. The VDA components are ADA CERP Recognized Providers by extended approval from the VDA. For information on CE courses throughout the year, see the Continuing Education Schedule/Upcoming Events area. For more information about this service, please contact Bonnie Anderson at the VDA office.

Contract Analysis Service
The American Dental Association's legal counsel will review dental provider contracts submitted by members through the VDA office. This invaluable service enables the dentist to make an informed decision regarding participation in a dental benefit plan. For more information about this service, please contact Laura Givens at the VDA office.

Professional Communications
The Virginia Dental Journal provides members with scientific and clinical updates and keeps members abreast of current issue and regulations affecting their practice. The annual Membership Directory and periodic bulletins improve communication. For information about advertising and subscriptions, contact Shannon Jacobs at the VDA office.

Leadership Training
Annual leadership conference, state committee meetings, and the annual Virginia Meeting are open to all members. For a listing of scheduled conferences and committee meetings, please select "Events Calendar" or "CE Calendar" from the main menu.

Peer Review
Dedicated members confidentially mediate dentist/patient grievances and arbitrate third-party disputes without costly litigation.

New Member/New Dentist Services
The VDA membership and the New Dentist Committee interact with component committees to help meet the needs and concerns of new practitioners.

VDA Relief Fund
In cooperation with the American Dental Association, the VDA Relief Fund provides emergency financial assistance to members and their families in the event of personal tragedy, illness or disaster.

Virginia Dental Association Foundation
The Virginia Dental Association Foundation (VDAF) is a charitable and educational organization that was established in 1996 to increase access to dental care for Virginians. The VDAF accomplishes this mission by generating and redirecting resources for charitable and educational oral health programs throughout the Commonwealth.

Thousands of Virginians experience chronic pain resulting from oral disease. These people have no other alternative because they lack basic resources such as dental insurance or personal finances to provide for comprehensive dental acre and preventative services.

The VDAF believes that oral health is an intricate part of the overall health and well-being of an individual. Neglected oral hygiene has both physiological and psychological effects. Diseases of the mouth can lead to other serious concerns such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Individuals who suffer from medical complications such as cancer and AIDS are at an increased risk for developing oral disease. The programs supported by the VDAF help to alleviate individuals of pain, discomfort, malnutrition, embarrassment, low self esteem and depression that often result from poor oral hygiene.

The VDAF currently support two dental programs - Donated Dental Services and Missions of Mercy.

The VDAF is governed by a 12 member Board of Directors and has a principal office at the Virginia Dental Association central office in Richmond.

Virginia Dental Services Corporation
The VDSC, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Virginia Dental Association, is expanding the power of your dues dollar by increasing your VDA membership benefits through VDSC endorsed programs. You benefit personally by receiving discounts on these products and services. Your participation also generates non-dues revenue which is used to sponsor VDA activities and help keep your membership dues as low as possible. Whether you have business or personal needs, the VDSC endorsed programs contain a wide array of products and services to help meet those needs. To view information on all the programs, go to the VDSC/Endorsed Vendor section in the Members Area.